The Milky Way is a barred spiral galaxy that is part of the Local Group of galaxies. Although the Milky Way is one of billions of galaxies in the observable universe,[4] its special significance to humanity is that it is the home galaxy of our Solar System. The plane of the Milky Way galaxy is visible from Earth as a band of light in the night sky, and it is the appearance of this band of light which has inspired the name for our galaxy. It is extremely difficult to define the age at which the Milky Way formed, but the age of the oldest star in the Galaxy yet discovered, HE 1523-0901, is estimated to be about 13.2 billion years, nearly as old as the Universe itself. -Source: Wikipedia.

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The Advantage Series

The Advantage Series Units Are Waterproof, Durable And Easy To Maintain

The Advantage Series boasts a waterproof, durable, easy to maintain interior consisting of seamless fiberglass reinforced plastic wall and ceiling liner, non-skid epoxy floors coved up the walls and wet location fluorescent lighting with positive latch diffusers. Units are equipped with a water heater and wall hung urinals.

Interior features porcelain covered steel lavatories mounted in 1” thick plastic countertops and locking aluminum base cabinets with mirrors. Features include bolt through hardware and transportation latches. Partitions are very durable and easy to clean.

Features of Advantage Series
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Seamless epoxy non-skid floors
  • Seamless interior walls and ceilings
  • Water saving toilets and faucets
  • Large welded stairs, platforms and handrails
  • Wet location fluorescent lights with positive latches
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